John Walter Hall

John Walter Hall, 70, of Casper, WY passed away November 3, 2015 in Casper, WY.  He was born January 5, 1945 in Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania to Lawrence and Mary Katherine Hall.  John married Elizabeth A. Linko.

John was a cherished husband, father, son and brother. His hobbies were leather work, fishing, football and hunting.

John is survived by his wife Elizabeth A. Hall; sons Thomas E. Hall and William K. Hall of Casper, WY; daughters Mellissa Chambers of Casper, WY, Elizabeth A. Thomas of Scottdale, PA, Christine M. Giles of Dunbar, PA, and Pennelope Clark of Connellsville, PA; sisters Evelyn June Virchinski of Gulfport, MS, Sally Petko of New Salmen, PA, and Retta Mae Hall of Dawson, PA; and brother Charles S. Hall of Liesenring #1, PA.

He was preceded in death by his parents; brothers Donald L. Hall and Thomas Hall; and sister Mildred Jordan.