Casper brought out a large crowd to welcome Al Roker to the Oil City

(Casper, Wyo.) – The party started last night at 6:00 p.m. for some in downtown Casper. Casper and Wyoming residents crowded around Lou Taubert equipped with coffee and hot chocolate, hats, gloves and smiles, eagerly awaiting the arrival of NBC Today Show’s Meteorologist, Al Roker.

DSCF4433 (2)

As the 7:30-8:00 p.m. arrival time came and went, the crowd died down a bit with reports of Roker landing in Casper at 9:00 pm. The die-hard Roker fans stood strong in the chilling breeze, dancing and telling war stories of why they wanted to see Al Roker.

Casper City Councilman, Bob Hopkins and his wife attended, decked out proudly in his WyoCity t-shirt and he commented, “I am excited to see him, even if he doesn’t see me it is still cool for our town that he chose to stop here.”

One person downtown hooked up her cell phone to provide some music for the little kids to have a dance off, and parents to dance the chill away.

The clock struck 9:00 and everyone began cheering, ‘Roker, Roker!’

Then it was reported he had landed at the Natrona County International Airport and he was en route to Lou Taubert.

The crowd celebrated with chants of WYO and before they knew it, Roker came whipping in behind two other SUVs. At first glance the crowd exploded and the ‘Wyoming Paparazzi’ bombarded Roker as he stepped into the world famous, Lou Taubert, to purchase a Wyoming Cowboy hat.

After much anticipation, cold hands and feet, Mr. Al Roker took center stage and commented,

“This is the biggest crowd that I have witnessed waiting for me along my tour!”

A true Wyoming Win!


Roker gained another goat reported the weather and was on his way out.DSCF4462 (2) A quick stop and go, but Casper, Wyoming definitely brought a warm welcome to the celebrity weatherman.

We were able to sneak an Oil City badge to Al before he took off and he is welcome back anytime!

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Brook Kreder at Visit Casper shared some of here great photos with us: