Group of Thunderbirds soar to Cole Creek to aid relief efforts

(Natrona County, Wyo.) – While we were out today along Cole Creek with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team, the team was blessed with what Mr. Dennis Belz called, “an SUV, or Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers!”DSCF4398 (2)

A group of Casper College students came to the aid of the relief team with coats, gloves and shades, ready to get down and dirty in the rubble.

The students’ first task was to clear out a storage container where they unveiled a large desk filled with papers flying everywhere.

The five Thuderbird students were part of a Leading Change Business Course taught by Scott Nolan.

“This is a part of our service learning project, and we all thought what better way to serve the community and to actually make a difference then aiding those affected by the fire. The fire hit us all close to home, and it is great to get out and help out as we can and to learn,” commented the students.

See photos below: